Change Management

Organizations manage change and transitions well through balanced perspective, thoughtful planning, and solid execution. InStride can help you determine what road to take, where the bumps in the road might might be, and how to navigate strategically.

We Can Help:

  • Develop or refine your mission, vision and values.
  • Structure and facilitate stakeholder strategy/engagement convenings (allowing you to be a full participant).
  • Design and execute stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.
  • Assess risk in the change process, and structure mitigation strategies to pave the way forward.
  • Guide the start-up or expansion phase of mission-driven organizations.

Staffing and Talent Development

Talent matters, and matching the right people with the right opportunities results in the best outcomes. InStride can help you maximize your human capital and build a best in class organizational culture.

We Can Help:

  • Map current human capital strengths against current and future growth targets.
  • Assess short and long term viability of current roles as structured, and identify opportunities to build capacity.
  • Structure comprehensive hiring and onboarding plans for new staff to ensure a highly branded and positive recruitment process, and lead hiring as needed.
  • Executive and management level search services.

Capacity Building

A well run organization can do great things. It’s important to understand what’s working well, and why, and what’s not. Whether you want to refine program delivery methods, create a stakeholder communication plan, or develop a process or protocol for your staff, InStride can help you create efficiency and seamless operations across program, management and business functions.

We Can Help:

  • Assess where the friction points are in your current operations and identify efficiencies.
  • Design and implement human capital and operations protocols and processes.
  • Lead organizational expansion operations efforts.
  • Manage complex grant proposal submissions, involving multiple stakeholders.

Advisory Services

Effective leaders are essential. Non-profit leaders need a partner who can quickly acclimate, engender trust, build mutual understanding, and deliver on outcomes. InStride is a trusted and discrete partner for executive coaching services, board development, or interim leadership if needed.

We Can Help:

  • Create customized leadership and management coaching for new and seasoned leaders at the staff and board levels.
  • Lead and advise on transition planning.
  • Provide seasoned leadership to fill a temporary gap.